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allmilmö - die phantastische Küche

The Art of Uniqueness

Just as no two people are alike, each allmilmö kitchen is unique. Your ideas, your personality, your sense of style are what bring our allmilmö design to life. We are the professional hands that enhance your individual unique pieces with form and function. As a German industrial kitchen manufacturer obeying tradition, we are proud of our craftsmanship surface processing. In our harmonious ensembles, kitchen and living room merge into a singular unit, transformed into exclusive pieces of sophisticated decor for your home. 

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    The art of the beginning

    and his own furniture workshop. The name Milmoe is a composition for Milewski Möbel, meaning Milewski furniture. However, he went one step further - "everything" should be made by milmoe, thus “all” was added to the the name and "allmilmö" ...

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    The art of inner values

    allmilmö means premium all along the line. That is how we plan, process, and think. This is part of our identity, which distinguishes us as a premium brand manufacturers with clear values and tradition. We are aware that we as a leading ...

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    The art of the valuable

    Uncompromising quality is our passion, perfection our aspiration, love for true craftsmanship our drive. For us every finishing touch, every fiber, every move counts. A kitchen is a valuable investment; it reflects your own personal life. ...

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  • The art of authenticity

    For us a kitchen is like a muse – inspirational. It is a perfect blend of pleasure and style –a place where "feeling at home" has real meaning. That we love the forms and functions of allmilmö kitchens is no secret; that some of us live them, perhaps. This passion inspires us as a luxury and premium kitchen manufacturer for over 50 years. 

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Personal consulting and highly qualified local dealers who respond efficiently and individually to your inquiries and wishes: Our competent partners - we selected with utmost care - guarantee the best service and excellent consultation. Just like us, they emphasize a high value and long-term efficient cooperation. 

Our quality products and solutions "made in Germany" are found exclusively at allmilmö authorized dealers in your area. Simply enter your address and we will show you which dealer is closest to you.  



We appreciate your contacting us! What is the quickest way to reach us? Use our contact form. We shall be happy to contact your personal allmilmö dealer, who will contact you shortly:

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We are a team of highly qualified experts. A unit - together we give our best every day for our customers. Our aim is perfection, our aspiration the love for genuine craftsmanship.

Johannes La Cour, Managing Director

The art of the handcrafted

When traditional craftsmanship meets timeless kitchen architecture: since 1965 real workmanship is created in our factory at the Zeil am Main in Lower Franconia – 100% made in Germany. At allmilmö we place the highest value on quality, perfect functionality, and above all on kitchen solutions with character and authenticity. Most important to us are the people behind our luxury and premium brands - our experts and professionals. We place the craftsmanship of allmilmö luxury premium kitchens consciously into their hands because no detail escapes their trained eyes. Their skilled precision cannot be replaced by any machine. Each allmilmö kitchen is wearing their unmistakable signature. That is what we are proud of.

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